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Obama o’what?

Posted by BigBalzac sur avril 10, 2008

I’m an avid reader of TPM. Lurking only. Hooked by the smell of easy blood: your primaries. First time in my life I’m attracted to an internal political bazaar in a bled like « Iowa ». 5000 km from home. Here we say « EEE-OWAAh » and that’s not much easier. And whenever we can meeauwl it, we don’t know where it is. East. Probably north-east. Cold and a 6-hour delay. It’s very late when I stop following the ballot counts in every district of New Hamphire… Wife asleep. « New Hemp-Shyre » as we try to say in french. Not far from Eee-Owaah. …Don’t ask. Don’t even ask. I’m not interested anyway. You would tell me, I would forget. (I know, I already did, once or twice). I don’t care for these states. I’m for Obama. Like any human being. Human, yes. First I was for Gravel. The guy drew me into the race. He was bold, he was old, he was a pain in the ass. Ralph Nader and a funny guy. Once I had noticed him, I started looking for him, were the American people drawn in? I tested my father-in-law, – he’s from Philadelphia, lieberman-ish -, he didn’t know the name.

Since the Irak war coverage, I have no more sympathy (and much less respect) for the New York Times and Washington Post. Great newspapers full of ass-holes. I miss Robert Redford. I felt betrayed again when NYT endorsed Hillary. And today, they might do their mea culpa again… You’re too serious, guys. « Loosen up », as she would say (what an example…). And you’re not pushing enough on the environment issue.

Obama. What a name. I had watched his internet candidacy speech. Too much marketing, too smooth, not liberal enough, I wasn’t interested. Then Iowa came along. Incredible. And, a second later, New Hampshrrr.

I’m also an avid lurker of onegoodmove and I was a bit disappointed that Norm would support Edwards, such a toothpaste advertisement. I had listened to their speeches, after the results. Clinton was so stiffed. Obama was so cool. Huckabee was so… in front of Chuck Norris. (This is already history, lads). And Edwards was so… liberal? Down with corporate power? Mmmh… After all, he might not be the kind of jerk that would use his wife’s cancer to become more popular. (By the way, who’s the first tête de con that said that the show must go on? Some times the show may stop and be silent for a while). But my mind was almost made: Clinton, no; Obama, yes; Edwards, why not? Maybe better.

In Iowa, they were 47 who caucused like me, for Gravel. No delegate.

I plunged into American politics. Motherfucker, I had become a TPM reader, like this guy who had been interviewed by The New Yorker. Too bad no one would appreciate here. Today, I could explain to anyone what a caucus is. It’s like a cactus, with a u. Well, I almost could. And I know damn well what a superdelegate is. And no easy joke using kryptonite.

I’m sure you’ve guessed now that I’m one of those guys. These guys abroad who are passionate about this american cycle of elections. In Germany, it is said to be hysteria. In France, Obama has made a few news magazines covers. I saw the clip early. Yes, we could. Since then, I’ve been in awe. Even the reverend Wright has become pleasant… the way he says « Chickens… have come home… to roooost ». Then came the Philadelphia speech, the Richardson endorsement and the race seemed over. Norm, c’mon, stop loving her. Or is it purely sexual?

Clinton stays, like a statue, the statue of the Commander in chief. And I begin to worry. What is he saying about staying in Irak? What is he saying about gun control? I began to feel exactly like billysumday who wrote a wonderful post the other day. Maybe the guy is just a great fisherman? Nobody wants to be one of those fish, you know, with a hook in the cheek.

Then I read the comments to billysumday’s post. And I began to believe again. This guy may be for real. But isn’t he just too good to be true? Black and white simultaneously, dem & rep, high & low…

What could he do or say to convince me – or you? -that I’m not just watching tv as usual?


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