Qu’est-ce qu’on mange demain ?

qu’est-ce qu’on chauffe demain?

Posted by BigBalzac sur décembre 6, 2008

Solar Flux: New Process Lets Companies Crank Out PV Panels: Scientific American

« There’s no material, no element which is rare or toxic in this, » adds physicist Johannes Meier, Oerlikon Solar’s chief technology officer. « Therefore, this is a technology that can span over the whole world and has the potential to go to several gigawatts [of installed capacity] in volume. »

Producing the high-performance solar cells costs about $1.20 per watt of cell capacity, according to O’Brien. « If we can really bring costs down of [photovoltaics (PV)], then you can really bring down the cost of a kilowatt-hour produced by PV and be soon competitive with conventional forms » of power generation, like burning coal, Meier adds. « If that happens, then the market can really explode. »


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